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About Footgolf

Footgolf is a precision sport, in which players kick a soccer ball into a cup in as few shots as possible. The name is a portmanteau of football and golf and the game combines the two sports, being more closely related to golf.

The game is played similarly to golf, with the exception that players use a soccer ball instead of a golf ball, and the ball is kicked rather than struck with a club, working toward a 21-inch “cup” in place of the usual golf hole. The player who finishes the course with the fewest shots wins. Indeed, footgolf is often played on golf courses, though it may also be played on specially built grass footgolf courses. The first shot has to be played from the tee box, and bunkers, trees, water and hills must be crossed or avoided in order to reach the hole.


A game with roughly similar rules, codeball, attained brief popularity in the United States during the late 1920s and 1930s. Swiss players have been playing a variation of the game since the late 1980s, and the Scandinavian countries starting playing the game under different names and rules in the 1990s. Michael Jansen and Bas Korsten were the creators of the Footgolf uniform and basic rules, and also organisers of the first tournament played the way the sport is played today around the world, and they officially launched FootGolf in the Netherlands in 2008. They learned of the sport from Korsten’s brother, Dutch footballer Willem Korsten, who recalled playing a similar game during his time with British club Tottenham Hotspur between 1999 and 2001, where players would end training sessions by kicking the ball from the pitch back to the changing rooms in as short a time as possible.

How much is it to play?

Monday – Friday

Adults: €10
Student/OAP: €8
U16s: €6


Adults: €10
Student/OAP: €8
U16s: €6



Free kick-around on the Astroturf with every round of Footgolf.

Footgolf Packages

Family & Student packages available. For more events packages click here


Monday – Friday: 2 Adults & 2 Kids – €25
Saturday/Sunday: 2 Adults & 2 Kids – €30

€8 Student Special
Footgolf 1 1/2 Hours
5 A Side Soccer 1 Hour

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Footgolf Rules

What are the Rules?

  1. Play with a size 4 or 5 soccer ball
  2. 1 ball per player
  3. There are MAX 4 players per group
  4. The ball is kicked from the tee box to the green to the flag
  5. Farthest from the hole is first to play
  6. Lowest score from previous hole tees off first
  7. The player getting the ball into the hole in the fewest number of kicks is deemed to have won the hole. The player with the lowest score who has won the most holes is deemed to be the winner.
  8. Every contact with the ball counts as ONE kick. Ball Unplayable Under Tree or in Ditch or in Water hazard – Drop Ball, not nearer the hole (1 Penalty Kick)
  9. Only runners, football boots, molds, or soft shoes may be worn while playing Footgolf. NO football steel studs, blades, spikes or golf shoes permitted.
  10. Please let faster players play through, rake bunkers, be courteous to other players.
  11. No trespassing on private property and respect our neighbours.


  • No running on the course
  • No Shouting or unruly behaviour permitted.
  • Any person causing damage to the course will be asked to leave immediately without refund,
  • No trespassing on private property and respect our neighbours.

Water Hazard

If the ball lands in a water hazard, you receive one penalty kick. To proceed:

  • Place the football within 2 steps from the point of entry of the water hazard OR
  • Place the football at the position of the previous kick.

Out of bounds / unplayable

If the ball is out of bounds or unplayable, you receive one penalty kick. To proceed:

  • Place the football no more than one metre from position OR
  • Place the football at the position of the previous kick.


Where a bunker is under water, the player may take a drop – no penalty.

Football rests against a tee box, fence, rock etc

  • Place the football up to 2 feet away from the object – no penalty
Footgolf FAQ

Do I have to book in advance?

We only require bookings for birthday parties, corporate events and any other large groups (10 people or more). All others can play without booking so no need to call us, simply turn up and play.

Where are you located and how can I get there?

From Arthurs Quay in Limerick City drive towards Corbally. At the roundabout by Grove Island take the 1st exit ontCorbally Rd/R463, continue for 3.3km and we are located directly across the road from Corbally Soccer pitch. Click here for more accurate directions from your current location. 

My child is 5, is it suitable for all ages groups?

Yes, the course is designed to be suitable and fun for all ages.

How long does it take on average for one round?

One round is approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

I have never played golf before. Will I be able to play?

Of course! Our skilled and friendly staff will show you how!

I want to hold my kid’s birthday party at your venue. Can I have more information?

Click here for birthday party information or you can contact us anytime.

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